Dedicated to Community and Sustainability

With each purchase of Shea butter, you get a premium product for your skin, and you also help empower, sustain and feed the women in Ghana.

Supporting Our Community Abroad

Kraban is about giving back to communities. Our proceeds of sales return to rural Ghana to support girls in school and keep women employed. We are also active in fundraising for the Breast Cancer community and supporting hyper-local initiatives.

  • We pay the women in Ghana fairly for their labour and the shea butter
  • Supporting girls education in Sandema, Northern Ghana.
  • We provide school supplies and sports equipment to 2 schools in Ghana
  • We coordinate donations of gently used clothing and shoes

Supporting Our Local Community

Since 2009 we have donated and contributed to the following Organizations:

  • Kirabo Canada – Children in Uganda
  • Women Centre of York Region – Abused Women
  • Lupus Fundation – Fundraising Events
  • Breast Cancer Support Services – Scrap Cancer
  • Griffin Centre – Mental Health Support
  • Wellspring – Cancer Support Centre

Mission Statement

We are committed to making a difference in the world. The foundation of Kra Co. is based upon the premise of unity and community. It is the SOUL of our company and why we exist – to positively impact the lives of women and children – the people with whom we connect and the causes we support. With each purchase of Shea butter, you get a premium product for your skin, and you also help empower, sustain and feed the women in Ghana. We pay the women directly, which is vital so that they earn a fair wage immediately for the hard work they do in making us the most luscious Shea butter. They are able to earn a wage, support their families and gain independence and freedom.

Pina’s trips to Ghana work towards building relationships of trust, understanding and sharing. In doing so, she reassures the women that we are committed to them and they in turn are committed to providing an excellent product. It is process of building a trusting relationship and adding value to both their lives and ours.

Your Purchase Pays It Forward.

The proceeds of our Shea Butter sales return to the community in Ghana. As part of our mission to empower, we sponsor and support girls to attend school by paying their yearly school fees and providing supplies.

It is through educating and encouraging young girls that we foster independent, knowledgeable and successful women. The stories and experience with cancer runs deep for many of us all around the world. Through Lucy’s journey with breast cancer, the Shea butter helped her heal during treatments. Her holistic background gave her the fortitude to share her story and be able to support others in their story as well. Our products and services have created a growing opportunity to show compassion, love and support, to recover from trauma and provide healing on various levels.

It is our ongoing goal to raise awareness, to advocate the power in storytelling of our pain, joy, healing, survival and growth. Through our services and local events we strive to raise funds for supportive programs across the communities. For every story we share locally or internationally, we create an opportunity to learn, support, and empower one another. Kra Co. is committed to taking care of our bodies – inside and out – to invest in our natural beauty – inside and out – and contribute to building communities and relationships. It is with these fundamental aspects we can create a ‘soul-full’ life: a Kra Co. life.