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The Santoro Sisters - Pina and Lucy

Pina and Lucy Santoro, sisters, are the creative duo behind the Kra Company. In the Gold Coast region of Africa, Kra means soul – which is fitting, as the Kra Company is dedicated to feeding and nurturing the soul through three components: Beauty, Body and Build.

Beauty - We import 100% natural Shea Butter made by a small group of women in Ghana. We offer our luscious Shea butter in 4oz. containers, lip balms made with essential oils, and lip tints with a hint of colourful mineral.

Body - We provide complementary therapy services including: Reiki, Reflexology, Angel Healing, Meditation, and crystal stones. Remember to take care of your body – it literally takes you where you need to go.

Build - Build is about giving back to communities. Our proceeds of sales return to rural Ghana to support girls in school and keep women employed. We are also active in fundraising for the Breast Cancer community and supporting hyper-local initiatives.

Kra Company is committed to soulful living and offers the whole package: Beauty, Body and Build.

📞 : 647-280-7750 | pina@thekra.co

Pina Santoro

Pina is a passionate visionary and advocate for supporting others. She has been in the helping profession for over fifteen years.

Her academic background is varied; with Degrees in Political Science, French, Sociology and Paralegal, Diplomas in Human Resources and Industrial Relations and Certifications in Mediation, Life Coaching and Reflexology.

It is of no surprise that her life experience, her work and training all fall into the area of helping others move forward; to be of service to humanity, to be a portal for them to grow and achieve their greatest potential.

As a social worker, Pina has been exposed to the social issues that quickly take their toll on our body and soul.

As a crisis counselor she provided support to families in tragedy – suicide, homicide, death and women in abusive situations – offering counseling and referrals to community services.

In a case management role, Pina provided guidance to aid men, women and youth find suitable employment – offering resources and assessments as well as encouragement and counsel as they embarked on new jobs and skills training.

Over the years, Pina has worked with abused women, newcomers, youth at risk and families. She has seen and assisted people lost in the depths of their pain to working hard to meet their full potential and flourish. Pina knows firsthand that when you treat others with compassion, encourage them to work hard, strive to reach their goals and potential, overcome their fears and create a support system, absolutely anything is possible.

A Ghanaian friend and colleague first introduced Pina to natural Shea Butter. She loved the product and how it made her skin feel. Almost instantaneously, her passion for African culture, history and politics surfaced and she made the connection of uniting two global communities that would make an impact in each of them.

During her first trip to Ghana in 2008, Pina immersed herself in culture, history, tradition and people. This trip was the catalyst that would generate a passion within Pina to have her vision come to light.

Inspired by the power of relationships, and motivated to share the great natural powers and benefits of this beautiful, nourishing product to the forefront of North American culture, Kra Co. was born.

The stories that have come out of her encounters have built a solid foundation to root Kra Company in socially responsible business practices. Building Kra Company meant she could redefine the limits of beauty, overcoming the obstacles of age and ethnicity.

“I believe in the power of people; in helping others we will all reach our greatest potential. It’s in the sharing of our wealth, resources and knowledge that we empower one another.” – Pina

📞 : 416-418-0531 | lucy@thekra.co

Lucy Santoro

With Beauty and Building aspects established, Lucy’s focus on the soul and spirit expanded the Kra Company portfolio.

Lucy is dynamic, centered, intuitive, spiritual and gifted. She is an essential part and partner of the sister duo at Kra Co.

She embodies equanimity. Ask her any question about body and spirit connectedness and you will be immersed into her world of love, healing, compassion, East meets West remedies. She is a wealth of information and inspiration.

Lucy has practiced as a Reiki Master since 2007.

Her experience with a cancer diagnosis propelled her through a journey of self-discovery, and to more deeply understanding the connection of mind, body and spirit.

At the young age of 36, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Her body, as well as her mind, has endured 8 rounds of chemotherapy, 25 rounds of radiation, and upwards of 3 surgeries. This experience became the platform upon which she shares her story of healing.

It was Reiki that helped Lucy heal the parts of her that conventional medicine could not. She knows firsthand about loving yourself, healing, spiritual grounding and nourishing your body for optimal health. Lucy understands the body and the importance of providing your body with love, support and healing each day.

When Lucy suffered the loss of someone very dear to her in 2010, she sought a way to stay connected and help her grieve. Angel communication was introduced to her at the time and it appealed to her intuitive senses. She learned and connected with the spiritual realm and became certified as an Advanced Angel Guidance and Healing Practitioner.

Lucy is an advocate for women who are or have gone through the journey of breast cancer. She embraces the difficult questions and topics about cancer. She volunteers in the cancer support community and hospitals in the GTA.

Lucy is alive to tell her story, to inspire and to help others heal through Reiki, Angel Guidance and Healing, Meditation and nutrition. Lucy is here to help build a body- a body of love, compassion, healing, strength, perseverance and conviction.

As Lucy evolves in her own personal growth and healing, the vision for the future of Kra Company becomes greater; feeding the souls and spirits of individuals in communities globally.

“I would love for our communities to come together and find compassion in our experiences; find the love that is within us all.” –Lucy

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